The Finest Horse in Town


A horse, three stories, and a summertime of entertainment and possibilities.  -FIAR Manual

For this “row“, we focused on two main things…horses and fall leaves…but mostly just horses.

First we placed our story disk on Maine…


And we talked about story-telling and history and why it can sometimes be difficult to know the exact truth about things that happened in the past.

Fall Leaves

Then we read a few stories about fall leaves and did a little craft.


This is the kind of craft that mom spends an hour preparing…


and the kids spend about 5 minutes executing.


Not how I typically prefer to roll.


But they turned out pretty cute.



Then we did some mini horseback-riding lessons with our homeschooling friends.


Miss Becky found out about this little family ranch about 45 minutes outside of our town, so we made the trek out there one morning to check it out.


The old lady and man who lived in the house and owned/boarded the horses were so sweet, as was the woman who was in charge of our lessons.


The lady in the hat (Kariann) has been bringing her daughter to this place for the past 2 years for horsemanship lessons and it has become so much like home to her that she brought some chicken and cooked it up right in the kitchen to share with us!


We got a little introduction to the horses as well as some general safety guidelines.

IMG_20151103_101553 (1)

And then they started giving each of the kids their 30 minute turns on the horses.

IMG_20151103_101641 (1)

The girl in the black pants and brown boots (age 7) is the daughter of Kariann, and because she is so familiar with horses now, she was in charge of leading one of the horses around.  They are homeschoolers and spend 4 days per week at the ranch, about 4 hours per day.

IMG_20151103_102031 (1)

The ranch dog that entertained some of the kids for hours because he liked to catch rocks in mid-air.

IMG_20151103_102931 (1)

Mr. Glenn, the owner, taking Barrett for a little spin.

IMG_20151103_103514 (1)

IMG_20151103_104006 (1)

Kariann fitting Logan’s helmet.

IMG_20151103_111957 (1)

Lunch break.

IMG_20151103_115812 (1)

Barrett’s real turn.

IMG_20151103_115943 (1)

Roping to kill time between turns.


We were there for over 4 hours total and it was a wonderful experience meeting great new people.

IMG_20151103_135252 (1)

The ride home.   🙂




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