Who Owns the Sun?


A young boy learns the hard truth, yet perseveres.  – FIAR Manual

We rowed Who Owns the Sun? and Follow the Drinking Gourd back-to-back.  I had originally intended to hold off on doing any of the FIAR titles that had to do with American History until later when I planned on doing a year of American History chronologically, but our friends that we sometimes row with wanted to do these titles, so I figured we’d be flexible and go along with it.  It usually ends up being more fun to row with another family.

So anywho, we really didn’t focus much on the slavery aspect of these rows because it honestly seemed to be going over their heads, and instead we focused on more of the science aspects of them.

Social Studies:


We did put our story disk on the map…I told Conner to pick one of the SouthEastern States.


It really is a beautiful story.  We discussed things that were too wonderful to be owned.  And I gave them a brief overview of the history of slavery in America.


We talked about the Sun and the rotation of the Earth and the seasons…





And then I showed them a moving example…


I had them practice moving the Earth around the sun as well.


(I picked the wrong kid to be the sun…seeing as how the sun is supposed to be still!)

We also talked a lot about the solar system…


I found this vinyl wall solar system sticker thing a year ago at Target and had been holding on to it for a while, waiting for a good time to put it up and teach the boys…


So I was really excited to finally have the chance to hang it up!  We all crammed into the boys’ bedroom and decided to hang it above the doorways where they could all see it from their beds.


Raphael put up the planets first.  We called them out and put them up in order, from the closest planet to the sun first, all the way out to poor little Pluto, which didn’t get to be thick like the rest of the planets…it was just a sticker.  And we explained all about how Pluto used to be considered a planet when we were kids, but now it’s been demoted.


And then each boy got a turn putting the stars around the outside of our solar system…because the only star inside our solar system would be our sun.  🙂


There were lots of stars to be hung.


We hung all of the colorful ones and decided to save the glow-in-the-dark ones for the ceiling…in the shapes of constellations (to go along with our coordinating row of Follow the Drinking Gourd).



The boys painted their own versions of the sun on canvas.  I had visions in my head of beautiful solar masterpieces that could be hung all over the house to look at on dreary days.


Barrett swirled paint around in this same circle for about 30 minutes…pick a color, swirl…new color, swirl…another color, swirl.


Logan’s sun.  🙂


Conner’s sun.  🙂


Not exactly what I had in mind, but I think I will hang them up.  They’re kinda neat.  🙂


And that’s it for this row.  Next up is part 2…Follow the Drinking Gourd.



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