Day in the Life: Saturday, September 19th, 2015


In continuing with the tradition of doing my day-in-the-life posts on the 19th of whatever month I get to it, and because I was recently encouraged to continue my DITL posts, here’s a fresh one that took place on Saturday, September 19th.  🙂

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Anywho, on Saturday the 19th, I woke up around 6:30am, but after waiting a few minutes for Dalton to settle back to sleep, it was 6:46 before I made it out to the kitchen.



Early mornings are my absolute favorite.  I love waking up before everybody else in the house is awake and seeing the new day dawning outside…



Except that when I glanced into the family room, I saw that Barrett was already awake and laying on the couch.  He hadn’t seen me yet, so I tip-toe’d out of the kitchen and back into the bedroom.  I figured I might as well get ready quietly in my bathroom if I couldn’t be alone in the family room.

I washed my face and brushed my teeth and was about to put my makeup on when Dalton woke up.  He was fussing of course (he always wakes up in a bad mood), so Barrett heard him and came wandering in.  We all cuddled on the bed for a few minutes before I resumed getting myself ready for the day.

After my makeup was done we all headed back out to the kitchen and began unloading the dishwasher.


This is our new dishwasher that we got a few weeks ago after our old one died.  I hate it.  And since none of the dishes come out dry, I first have to stack them on the counter to air-dry for a few minutes before putting them away.


Dalton loves to help me put the dishes away.


He’s usually in charge of the silverware.  🙂

While we were unloading the dishwasher I also made breakfast.  I heated up leftover bacon and potatoes and served it with fresh scrambled eggs and toast.



My people.  🙂

After breakfast we all scattered in different directions.  Raphael and the boys started working on a LEGO creation in the “Lego Room”.




I was planning to head to Sears at 9am to check out some dishwashers, but discovered they didn’t open until 10am.  So I rallied the troops together and we did a quick clean-up of the house.


(Raphael is doing the breakfast dishes and the boys are supposed to be cleaning, but they are mostly watching a movie that had been turned on.)


Dalton helps me sweep.  And vacuum…


I start a load of laundry- darks.


It is almost 10 now, so Dalton and I head out.

We hit the Sears Appliance Showroom for just a few minutes and I educate myself a little bit about the dishwashers by seeing them in person.


I know what I want now, but I don’t buy anything because we need to figure out the process for returning the old one first.

We leave there and swing through the bank drive-thru and the mail box drop-off thingy.


Then we head to Sprouts for groceries.


I spend $116.03…not bad!


When we get home to unload the groceries, I am reminded that I wanted to show the boys the baby calf that was born a few days ago in our neighbor’s yard.


When we get to the fence, we notice that another baby calf has literally just been born (bummed we missed it) because she is all soggy looking and the afterbirth is still hanging out of the mama’s nether regions!


So cute!

We unload and put away the groceries and Raphael and I discuss business…I update him on what I learned about the dishwashers; he updates me on what he discovered was wrong with his truck while I was gone.  We look up dishwashers on-line and narrow it down to one Kenmore that is on sale.  We make a few phone calls and decide the best option is to pull out the previous one and take it down to the store that has the new one we want in stock.  They will return it for us and give us the new one.

I hang the dark laundry.


I make lunch.  Hot dogs, baked beans, salad, and applesauce.


Barrett can’t see the ketchup underneath his hot dog and he is bothered by this.


After lunch Raphael starts working on pulling the old dishwasher out while I put Dalton down for his nap.


It doesn’t matter how tired Dalton is before I go to put him down for a nap, he always acts like he’s on crack as soon as he hits the bed.  It usually takes a good 30 minutes of him horsing around before he falls asleep.



And finally, he’s out…


I doze off for just a few minutes as well, but get myself up and wander out to find the boys playing Legos.


And Raphael is loading up the old (new) dishwasher in the van.



He takes Conner with him to run his errands.

I clean up the water mess that was left in the kitchen where the dishwasher used to be.


I start working on this Day-in-the-Life post and Barrett falls asleep next to me on the couch.




I play a game of Rat-a-Tat Cat with Logan before he wanders back to his Legos.


Raphael and Conner get home shortly before dinnertime and I’ve already assembled the chicken enchiladas we will have for dinner and I pop them in the oven to bake.  Raphael gets to work installing our new dishwasher!


This time we picked out a Kenmore Elite and I think I am going to love it…I hope!


I take Dalton with me out back to check on our baby chicks and discover one of them has escaped from the enclosure and I’m having a hard time wrangling her back into the pen.  So I get Raphael to come help me corner her real quick.


We have six babies left, as three of them died a few days after we brought them home.



Dinner is ready!


After we eat, Raphael finishes installing the new (new) dishwasher and the boys play on the iPad.



A special treat- ice cream for dessert!


Raphael cuts up the dishwasher box to turn it into a castle/fort, which is perfect timing because we are doing a unit study on the Feudal system right now.  🙂





It’s almost 9pm already, so we get all the boys in their pajamas, brush all of the teeth, and put everybody to bed.  We go to bed shortly thereafter.

Another good day!

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