Gramma’s Walk


A loving relationship between a young boy and his gramma provides an opportunity for using imagination to compensate a handicap.  -FIAR Manual

The book doesn’t specify an exact beach location, so we went ahead and put our story disk along a beach in Southern California, since that was where we were planning to visit.  We rowed this story in the week leading up to our trip, so it was fun to build anticipation and imagine what it would be like once we got there!


We did a few pages from the Homeschoolshare Lapbook for Gramma’s Walk/oceans…


Learning about the handicap accessible sign and working with compound words.



Reading about the five senses.


We went through Gramma’s Walk again and picked out the times that they mentioned using the various senses throughout the story.

Using our One Small Square: Seashore book as a guide, we all worked together to color in our tide pool flip-book.






The boys watched an episode of Wild Kratts about the seashore.




And then it was the end of the week and time to head to the beach!



We were there for 8 days and had such a wonderful trip!



They built many, many sand castles, and searched for seashells along the beach.

20150820_161834 20150820_162824

We visited the tide pools…


Although we went during low tide, apparently these tide pools require an extremely low tide in order to get the full effect (we asked some of the locals).  We didn’t see much of the life in the tide pools, but we did enjoy playing on the beach for a few hours at sunset!

We checked out some of the birds that we had seen in the story…



One of the questions that the boys asked us repeatedly while on vacation was “How far does the ocean go?”.  We tried explaining to them that the ocean wraps around the entire world and doesn’t exactly end anywhere, but they were struggling to grasp the concept.  So when we got home, I pulled out our globe and showed them how the ocean wraps around the Earth…




We also discussed the three oceans that surround the United States…


and reviewed some of the other things we had learned.

I had planned for the boys and I to visit a local retirement home and bring games to play with the residents, but surprisingly (or not that surprising, I suppose, given the world we live in these days) we were turned away over the phone because it would be against their ‘regulations’ to have us on the premises if we didn’t have a specific relative to visit.  *sigh*

Anywho, it was a good row, made even better because of our trip to visit the beach!


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