A spunky girl has her appendix out and demonstrates individuality within her world of order.  -FIAR manual

 Day 1:


I made a fabulous french toast breakfast.  🙂  I realize that french toast isn’t technically from France, but it was in the spirit of fun.


While we ate, we talked about France.  We located it on our globe…


And found it in our “passport books“…


and stamped it with our flag.


We moved to the couch to read the story.  And then put the story disk on our wall map…


Day 2:

I put on an episode of Madeline for the boys to watch on TV, but about halfway through they were over it.  Not their cup of tea, I guess.


So I decided to move on to watching YouTube videos of the Tour de France, which was actually happening last week while we rowed.


The liked the bike racing a bit more than the Madeline videos.  :/

We colored in a few items on our coloring page about France…including the Tour de France bicycle racing guy…


We did a suggested activity from the Homeschoolshare Lapbook and colored the Eiffel Tower…one boy got to color his with a monochromatic color scheme (like the pictures in the story) and the other boy tried to make his very colorful.

Conner chose monochromatic and since his favorite color is green, he did all shades of green.  Logan got to do the colorful version.  At first, Conner was worried his was going to be boring, but I told him to just wait and see.



The monochromatic one actually turned out really cool!  He was pleased with his picture.  🙂

Day 3:

We focused on science and learned about the appendix…


(Yes, my pen is pointing to the appendix.  :))


They found and colored in the appendix in their human body coloring book.

Conner and I put together the SomeBody guy…



Conner and Logan each took turns assembling our Squishy Human Body guy as well…



Always finding and pointing out the appendix and discussing the digestive system as we work.


(Logan’s explaining to Barrett that our brains are inside our heads.)


Day 4:



Math with Madeline…addition, subtraction, and basic multiplication…


Rhyming activity from the Homeschoolshare lapbook


Day 5:

We read Madeline again.  We don’t read it all 5 days, but try to read it at least twice.  The boys scoff if I try to read it every day.

The two big boys had a dentist appointment that morning, and their dentist’s office is near Whole Foods, so I decided we’d swing by Whole Foods after the dentist and pick up some cheese to do a cheese-sampling lunch.


The boys were very well behaved while we were at the store.  I picked up a few other items we needed as well.


(The cheese section!)  They had a basket full of a variety of cheese samples, so we picked out 8 of them.

When we got home I rushed to get everything ready…Dalton was starving and he was really starting to break down.


I pulled out the little tea cups, deciding we’d make it into a bit of a tea party.



So, umm, the cheese was not yummy.  Barrett didn’t touch any of his.  Logan left the table (he has a sensitive gag reflex and the smells were making him nauseated).  Conner ate about 4 different cheeses before finally deciding he just couldn’t do it anymore.  Some of them smelled really bad!  We’re talking authentic cheeses here, people.  Blech!

So I finally pulled out some good ol’ American Stringles and all was right with the world.


After lunch, we read our go-along story about manners and did the accompanying manners page from the Homeschoolshare Lapbook.


(Such a cute story!)

We also did the “Tour de France” (not the bicycle races) sheet from the lapbook…



Googling images and checking Google Maps as we went…


And coloring in the last few items on our France coloring pages…


And that’s a wrap on Madeline!  Next week we are rowing Papa Piccolo, so it’s on to Italy!


  1. Mom/Nana says:

    Funny about the cheese. Just a couple of questions…what is the difference in the two math formats? Also, why wait as long as 6 for the rows, rather than start at 5? Just curious…

    • J@cque says:

      Hi mom! I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking about the math? You mean the curriculum we’re using this year? And as for starting them in Five in a Row at age 6, it just seems to be a good age, from experience. If I start the three R’s at age five, then they get a year’s worth of practice at just doing three subjects before we add in the rest of it. It depends on the kid anyways…Dalton might be ready a little younger than Barrett will…just based on their personalities. 😉

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