Our 2015-2016 Curriculum Choices *Updated*

I posted our original curriculum choices here a couple weeks ago.

Then a week later I decided we were switching back to Five in a Row.

I also made a few other changes after running through our first week, so here is the new updated line-up.

All About Reading:

We are currently running through AAR Level 1 again, for both Conner and Logan, to help them gain confidence and practice fluency.  Logan is pretty much ready to take off with his reading, but Conner is a reluctant reader and needs to gain confidence. As much as I didn’t want to run through level 1 again, I think it was a good decision because I can already see big strides for both boys.



We’re doing about 4 lessons per week, so it should only take a couple of months to run through the whole level and then we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled AAR Level 2.


All About Spelling:

When we start up AAR Level 2 in a few months, we’ll also start All About Spelling Level 1.


Math U See:

Conner will be doing Math U See- Beta.

Logan will be doing Math U See- Alpha.


Handwriting Without Tears:

Conner will be doing the 3rd Grade Cursive workbook.

Logan will be doing the 2nd Grade Printing Power workbook.



Conner and Logan each got a copy of this workbook.  We’ll do 3 pages per week.


And last, but certainly not least…the heart of our homeschool…

Five in a Row:

We’ll be rowing one book per week, focusing on finishing Volume 1 this year, along with either Volume 2 or Volume 3, depending on how quickly we get through 1.  I’m planning to post re-caps of each row, along with a post about how I plan our ‘rows’ coming soon.  🙂


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