A Month of Meals- June 2015 (Week 4…Sprouts Grocery Haul)

This will be my final week recording our food for this month.  Even though there will still be a few days left in June, I’ll be going out of town and it still was 4 weeks worth of food and groceries.

Peeked in the fridge before I left this morning…



Got to the store at 7:19…



Got 10 ears of corn!  We won’t eat that much ourselves in a week, but I’ll bring some to my dad’s tonight for Sunday dinner.







$125.22…not too bad.  I forgot my bags in the van, so I didn’t get my bag discount this week.  🙁


Back home and Dalton is sure glad to see me!


Yogurt (2)  $7.98

Cream Cheese  $1.79

Heavy Cream  $7.69

Orange Juice  $3.99

Organic Whole Milk (3 gallons)  $20.37

Organic Eggs  $4.99  (All but three of our hens got killed by coyotes a couple weeks ago- so sad- and the three hens that are remaining are traumatized and not laying anymore right now.  So I have to buy eggs at the store…blech!)

Organic Chicken Breasts  $12.23

Double Smoked Bacon  $6.99

Colby Jack Cheese Slices  (1/2 lb)  $4.07

Picante Provolone Cheese Slices  (1/2 lb)  $5.12

Tortillas  $3.29

Bread  $4.99

2 boxes of granola bars for Logan’s soccer team this week…it’s our turn to bring the snack. (Not sure why these aren’t pictured…I must have put them in the pantry already.)  $7.98


Broccoli  (1.85 lbs)  $1.63

Organic Grapes  (2.27 lbs)  $6.78

Organic Romaine Lettuce  $1.69

Organic Strawberries  (3)  $8.64

Organic Black Plums  (1.24 lbs)  $3.71

Sweet Corn  (10 ears)  $2

White Peaches  (3 lbs)  $5.97

Bananas  (2.53 lbs)  $1.49


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