The Glorious Flight


Papa Bleriot overcomes many obstacles in achieving his goal of flying.  -FIAR manual 


Character Quality:  Perseverance


Geography:  France/ England/ English Channel

We placed our story disk over the English Channel.  Papa Bleriot lives in France, but makes his ground-breaking flight over the English Channel between France and England.



Math: Ordinal Numbers and Roman Numerals

Each of Bleriot’s flying machines is named with a Roman numeral, and as he improves upon each model, it gets a larger number.  So we reviewed the concept of ordinal numbers (first, second, third, etc…) and learned the roman numerals up to 12.



Lapbook (link at bottom of page): 

A lot of the worksheets we used were from the Homeschoolshare lapbook.  The roman numeral activities above were from the lapbook and so were the following…




(parts of an airplane)


The boys had built a LEGO airplane, so we pulled it out to go over the working parts…


and I gave them a little quiz to see what they could remember…



I called out parts and they had to point to them.


Science:  Airplanes/ Flight

We read a few go-along stories having to do with airplanes and what makes them fly.


(Dalton does not love it when he is left out of story-time!  I’ve discovered it works much better to split up my reading to the boys and only read to two kids a time.  That way each boy gets a spot on either side of me during their reading time.)

Anywho, we read about drag…


and then practiced it…


We set up our windmills outside to watch the force of the wind…



We laid down outside and watched for airplanes to fly over our house.


(We have airplanes fly over our house all the time, but ironically we didn’t see any during this time period!)

Hangar Cafe and Super-Awesome-Mr. Tim:

There is a small airport near my house and a small restaurant attached to that airport where you can dine and watch the small airplanes take off and land.  We go there often when the weather is nice and sit out on their small little patio.  We (me and the boys, my mom, and my sister and nephew) met our friends there (Miss Becky and her kids) for breakfast and were also introduced to some new friends (Miss Becky’s friends from a while back that recently started homeschooling).  We pretty much took up the whole patio.



We ate our food and then had plans to caravan to a nearby park for a few hours afterwards.  As we were leaving, we peaked our heads into the maintenance hangar to see if we could check out the airplanes real quick.  One of the maintenance workers came by and said we were welcome to come inside and check out the airplanes if we wanted.  This is not unusual as sometimes they allow us to come inside and get pictures by the planes and stuff.

IMG_20150219_112919 (1)

We gave our kids the “behave and don’t touch anything” warnings and took turns getting pictures by the airplanes.

Then the heavens opened up and an Angel by the name of “Tim” descended upon us and asked the kids if they wanted to see some of the planes up close real quick.  All the kids were like “Yeah!”.  Us moms were looking at each other with looks that said “Uuumm, is he sure he wants all of these little hooligans all up in his planes and stuff, but this is so cool and I think we are about to have one of those homeschooling nirvana experiences.!”


He talked to them about the materials that make up the airplanes.


And about all of the neat little gadgets on the plane (including what he referred to as “the weenie roaster”…which made all the kids laugh for hours of course).

IMG_20150219_113302 (1)

He let them touch things and ask as many questions as they wanted.


He told us a little bit about himself.  He has five grown kids.  His wife passed away eight years ago.  He decided around that time that he wanted a career change.  That’s when he went to school to become an airplane mechanic.  He also got his pilot’s license and owns a small airplane with his brother and dad (and yes it is parked there and he showed it to us!).  We asked him if he used to be a teacher and he said no, but he’s been a boy-scout leader for 25 years and loves teaching things to kids.


In total, he talked to them and kept them engaged for about an HOUR.  Some of the little kids (and older kids that were boys *cough, like my kids*) started to get antsy after a while, but he really didn’t mind.


(Except for when Barrett started swinging on that bar pictured above…he did ask him not to do that!)

He showed them all of the neat tools in his giant airplane toolbox…



And showed them how some of the tools are used.


Seriously, the dude was so awesome!

After we got home, each of our families wrote up a thank-you note and printed up pictures to send to Mr. Tim at the Hangar Cafe.


One of the things I love best about homeschooling is having the time available when opportunities for hands-on learning present themselves…but also, and most importantly, the opportunities to meet really great people.  Tim is one of those people.  🙂

SO, after we left there, Me, Becky, and Meghan (and our children) all headed to a nearby park, as planned.

We had already arranged to bring our best and most beloved paper airplanes to the park so that we could have a flying contest.  Raphael sat down with the boys a few nights prior and they worked on a couple different models.


They were all psyched up about making airplanes for days after this…


I’m pretty sure a tree or two died this week at the expense of paper airplanes.  (Don’t worry, we usually save all scrap pieces of paper and reuse them for other things in the future.)


(the pile of cast-asides)

Where were we?  Oh yes, the park…


The kids spent about 10 minutes practicing their throws.  Then it was time for the first official flight…

IMG_20150219_124237_1 (1)

Grace won the first contest and got the grand prize ribbon that I had thrown together in a rush earlier that morning.


And Luke won the second contest (when we realized there at the park that we had enough stickers and paper leftover to make a second prize for a second race)!  So Miss Becky’s kids totally stole the paper airplane show.   🙂

Then the kids played at the park for about 3 hours while us moms chatted.  It was a great day!


Because eating breakfast at the Hangar Cafe wasn’t enough as far as food goes, we decided to make French crepes as well.  Miss Becky and her kids came over one morning and Becky brought most of the ingredients and the recipe for crepes and we cooked ’em up!


They were surprisingly easy to make.


And I thought they were pretty darn good.  Who doesn’t love chocolate for breakfast?!


Strangely, though, none of the kids were that enthusiastic about them.  I think they were probably just distracted with having friends over and wanting to play.



Popular Mechanics Videos:

Season 1: Episode 11- Aircraft Carriers & Epsiode 21- Air Transportation

Magic School Bus Takes Flight

And to answer the age-old question that all kids (and some adults) wonder about…


Lapbook from HomeschoolShare

Roman Numerals Chart-

Louis Bleriot Video-

Paper Airplane-


  1. Missy says:

    Just starting Five in a row and I loved reading this. I also think that map on your table is awesome. Can you share where you got it and how did you cover it? Thanks. Missy

    • J@cque says:

      Hi Missy! I can’t remember exactly where I got this map because I’ve purchased a few over the years (world and American), but it would have either been at Costco for like $7 or from Amazon for like $25. I think this one came from Costco, though, if I remember correctly. As far as covering the table, I bought a large piece of clear vinyl from the fabric section at Jo-Ann’s…I just measured my table and had it cut extra large so that we could wrap it underneath the table and tape it. It lasted about 2 years before it finally got too yucky and we pulled it off (about 2 months ago). I’m hoping to do the same thing again, but with glass or acrylic next time so that it won’t wrinkle and stain. But for a cheap option, the vinyl worked great for a short while. I think it cost less than $20 at Jo-Ann’s. Hope that helps!

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