Katy and the Big Snow

Katy and the Big Snow

Katy becomes a heroine as she finally gets her chance to work and fulfill her responsibilities.  -FIAR Manual


Language Arts:

Personification- giving human qualities to non-human objects, animals, or things.  Katy is given a feminine pronoun (“she”) and when she is asked to help, she speaks as a person.

Snow Plow Game:



Virginia Lee Burton put illustrations on the outsides of each page, and on one page there are eleven groups of five horses, representing 55 horsepower.  We counted the horses by fives to practice our skip-counting.

Social Studies:

Running a City- this book puts a lot of emphasis on the people and departments that are required to run a city.  Even though it gives a pretty old-fashioned viewpoint of how a city is run, it’s good for young children to see the basic infrastructure.  In order for a city to run properly, we need a fire department, a post office, a police department, schools, a library, various farming operations, train stations and freight yards, utility companies, a hospital, a church, city hall, department and grocery stores, etc.

The name of the town/city in the book is “Geoppolis”.  We put the story disk on our map in the “land of make-believe” since it isn’t a real place.  We probably could have placed it in middle-America, since it seems to represent that type of town in the 1950’s, but we went for “land of make-believe” instead.



Responsibilities- we talked about the different types of jobs people have and what their job responsibilities might entail.  Then we talked about how each member of our family has different responsibilities.  If each person doesn’t take his/her responsibility seriously, it can affect lots of other people around them.

Street Signs and Directions-  we used some print-outs to practice traffic sign shapes and colors, along with reviewing directions.


First Barrett practiced tracing the shapes.


Then his brothers helped match up the signs and review the shapes with him.

The big boys reviewed directions of a compass…



Then practiced writing color words…




Snow Storms and Snow Plows-  Since it almost never snows where we live, we decided to take a field trip, along with our friends on a drive up to the nearest city with snow.  The drive took us an hour and a half each way.  The boys brought along a worksheet that they used to tally up all of the various road signs they saw along the way.


When we first got there it didn’t seem like there was much snow left from the previous week’s snow storm, but it turned out to be perfect.

We had pre-arranged a visit with the city’s transportation department, so we stopped there first to check out the snow plows.  Angie was very nice and talked with us for about 20 minutes.


The snow plows they use are the ones that attach to the fronts of the trucks.  Since this city doesn’t get TONS of snow every year, it would be a bit overkill to have the big tractors with the snow plows attached.  Plus it’s better on the city budget to have less expensive equipment to maintain.


It was actually very warm outside on the day we decided to visit.  We had packed our vehicles full of snowy weather clothes, but didn’t end up needing any of it.  It was a beautiful day!


After talking with Angie and saying our farewells, she pointed us towards the nearest park with snow still on the ground.



Like I said before, there wasn’t tons of snow on the ground, and it was actually pretty warm outside this day, but it was great because the kids could play in the snow and not be freezing cold.  They played for hours!



(Logan, Conner, Luke, Chloe, Grace, Barrett)

It was a great day spent with good friends.

After we returned home, the boys got to work graphing the results of their traffic sign tally sheets.



And just for fun, they made some paper snowflake cut-outs as well.






Snow Plow word sort from www.thisreadingmama.com

Traffic Signs printables (traffic signs colors, shape matching)

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