Fall Leaves and Turkey Handprints

There really isn’t much of an autumn where we live.  The weather is beautiful this time of year, of course, but we don’t really get to see all of the changing leaves that people in other parts of the country experience.  The colors of fall are my absolute favorite, so I decided we’d bring some of those colors into our house and do a little mini study about fall leaves.  We read a couple of books…


Fletcher and the Falling Leaves (such a cute story!) and Why Do Leaves Change Color?

And then I told the boys to go out in our backyard and collect a few of the leaves that had fallen off of our Mulberry trees.  While they were doing that, I got to work painting a tree…


Then we mixed up three different paint colors…red, orange, and yellow.  Each boy was assigned to a color and had their own leaf and paintbrush to use.

Logan was red.



Conner was orange.


And Barrett was yellow.


Then we just got to work, taking turns painting leaves and putting them on our tree.



The boys really enjoyed doing this, and when they were done, this is what we had…


I loved it!  But I decided to add a few leaves to the ground, since fall leaves tend to…fall.


Pretty!  But I decided it still needed something…and that’s when I got the idea to do our family handprints, but turn them into turkeys for Thanksgiving.

So a few nights later I suddenly decided it was time.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the process.  Not only was it a tad bit chaotic getting all the boys to make beautiful handprints, but I was also in the middle of making dinner at the time.  Things got real, people.


I love how it turned out!


Me and daddy are kissing…sort of.   🙂


I love these little turkeys!  I tried to customize the turkeys a little bit by lightening or darkening the hair color.  Plus Barrett and I have blue eyes, so we are easy to pick out.




So true.


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