Water Safety




My boys have been doing swim lessons with Coach Erin for the past 3 years.  We love Coach Erin!  During the summers they do their lessons at my mom’s house.  Conner and Logan are really good swimmers already and have moved on to doing other strokes and stuff.  Barrett just started swimming a year ago, and already his progress has been amazing!  Every once in a while we try to do a “clothes-on test” where the boys practice life-saving techniques while fully-clothed.  I tend to go all-out during this test, dressing the boys in pants, tennishoes, and sweatshirts, just so they can get a worst-case scenario feel.  This day, however, I kind of skimped on the clothes because they had a baseball game that evening that they needed dry tennishoes for.  So I got lazy and left them in their pajamas with a sweatshirt over the top…and sandals.  🙂




The big boys went first and had no problem swimming back to the edge and pulling themselves out with all their clothes on.




Barrett’s turn…










Good job Berbs!



Then they each take turns practicing floating on their backs for as long as they can…





And then they carry on with the rest of their lesson…



A few days later I got the opportunity to see Barrett’s skills in action.  We were swimming at a friends house and I was sitting on the patio with Dalton, watching all the kids while the other mom ran inside real quick to do something.  The big boys were playing out in the middle of the pool with pool noodles.  Barrett generally stays on the step to play where he is most comfortable, but this time he decided the noodles were too tempting.  He jumped out into the center of the pool onto a noodle, but when the noodle started to tip over he looked panicked.  I started towards him to help him, but hesitated slightly to see what he would do.  I watched his facial expressions go from panicked to decided and he let go of the pool noodle and swam the few feet back over to the step!  I was so proud that he reacted so well to a situation that was stressful to him.  🙂

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