Fire Safety

After we “rowed” Storm in the Night, we were inspired to take a rabbit trail and spend some time focusing on fire and water safety. 

Fire Safety:


The Dragon’s Fire Safety Rhyme:

When the smoke alarm sounds, here’s what you should do:  Leave your toys all behind, cause there’s only one you.

Get down and stay low, crawling under the smoke, because breathing those fumes in might make you choke.

If your clothes catch on fire, don’t run about, “Stop, drop and roll” till the flames are all out.

Don’t open a door if the handle feels hot.  Find another way out to your planned meeting spot.

Even when scared, you must never hide, and once you are out, don’t go back inside!

– Quote from our favorite fire safety book No Dragons for Tea.

Fire Station Tour:

We went with our friends for a visit of a nearby fire station.  We’ve done this twice in the past with our previous mom’s club group, and it’s always one of our favorite field trips!


First we sat down on the recliners in their main meeting area to have a chat about fire and water safety.


(Miss Becky and two of her little people)


(Conner and Grace)


One of the guys put on all of his gear so that the kids to see how a firefighter would look if he/she came to their house.


It’s important for the kids to realize that the firefighters are there to help them, rather than run and hide from them, should the firefighters need to come inside their house to rescue them.


They encouraged the kids to come up and touch him.


Or even hit him!


Barrett was happy to oblige!


And then the rest of the kids followed suit.



After talking for a little while about serious safety stuff, it was time to begin the tour and do the fun stuff!

First they showed us their digs, and then we went to check out the firetrucks.









It was a lot of fun and, as usual, the firefighters were very nice and you can tell they really want to make sure kids stay safe and are educated.

Our visit to the firehouse inspired us to take care of some business at home.  First, we memorized our address…




And practiced our stop, drop, and roll…


And last, but certainly not least, we had a fire drill.  Even though it is ideal for all family members to get out of the house together, and to be able to exit out one of the doors, the firefighters stressed the likelihood of children needing to escape through their bedroom window.  For obvious reasons, we’ve never encouraged our children to exit the house through the windows, but we decided that it was best for them to know that they COULD, in fact, open the window and leave through it if they needed to.  So we went through the steps twice, and the second time the boys were responsible for getting out completely without our help.

Raphael set off the fire alarm and we pretended that the fire was in the hallway, blocking their exit.  And this is how it went…



First, they closed their bedroom door (they always sleep with it open, so it’s important for them to remember to close it, which would afford them more time).  They found a few fabric-type things to stuff under the doorway, but were careful not to waste too much time on that step.

Then they climbed up to unlock and open the window.



Conner pushed out the screen.



And climbed out.



You can’t see it very well here, but they stacked some stuff for Barrett to climb upon so that he could get up and out.  We made it very clear that any brothers who are in the room together are to leave the room as a team.  No brothers left behind.  The three older boys all share a room right now, but that will likely change when Dalton gets older and needs a roommate (Not to mention that occasionally one of the three of them ends up in our bed for a night.), so we told them not to worry about any family members that aren’t in the room with them at the time.

So anywho, Conner exits first so that he can catch Barrett on the outside.





We told Logan that if Barrett refused to jump out, he might need to push him out.  Scrapes and bruises are better than being burned.


And then it’s time for Logan to jump out.


Conner and Barrett wait to make sure Logan gets out alright, and then all three of them run together over to our neighbor’s front yard, which is our designated meeting spot.


We were very impressed with how quickly they made it out and how well they worked together as a team.  Even though it’s a scary situation to think about, we all feel better knowing that there is a plan.  Even Conner, who has been going through a phase of being frightened by the thought of having our house catch on fire, seems to be relieved now that he knows there is a plan and he has an active role in it.

Fire Museum:

Just for fun, we visited a local firefighting museum with Nana Michelle and Aunt Gigi and their cousin, Cody.


(Sorry it’s very blurry, but this is one of only two group pictures that were taken of us, and this is the less blurry of the two!)


Lot’s of very old fire trucks to look at!



And one to play on…





Interesting stuff!

Up Next…water safety!

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