The Tale of Peter Rabbit


Disobedience leads to some harrowing adventures for Peter Rabbit.  – FIAR manual

We chose to row this story around Easter (not that Easter really has anything to do with rabbits), but it is more convenient to do a unit study about Spring and gardening and rabbits around Easter-time.

Social Studies:

We talked about obedience and why it is important to follow rules and have relationships based on trust.

We learned that a Fortnight is two weeks (or 14 days).

We also put our story disk over England and learned that England is really a group of islands (yes, this was news to me as well!).



Sensory Basket:

I mentioned in our post about Miss Rumphius that I made the boys a spring gardening “basket” with lots of cool things having to do with spring and gardening and exploring.  And one additional thing I put in there was two little fabric baskets filled with fabric fruits and vegetables.





They have had many food fights with these fruits and veggies over the last few months!


We have a fairly large garden which has been completely neglected over the last year or so.  We’ve just been so busy and have had so much going on that we haven’t made working out there as much of a priority as we would like.  (* Sidenote: After gardening and raising animals for the last several years let me just tell you that it is hard work raising/growing food.  We could spend 40 hours a week in our garden and still only make a dent in our grocery budget with the food we could grow.  Appreciate farmers!)

Anywho, so when daddy and the boys wandered out into the garden after months of neglect, this is what they found…


Weeds everywhere!


(At the back of the picture you can see some of our blackberry bushes along the fenceline.  The cuttings for those blackberry plants were given to us a few years ago by one of our neighbors…an elderly couple of whom the husband is an amazing gardener.  He told us those blackberry plants have been in his family for 50 years and do really well in our hot climate.  He was right!  They have really proliferated since we planted them.


Everybody got to work cleaning up the weeds.


Their goal was to clean out at least one bed enough to plant these two tomato plants…


And they did it!

Someday we hope to use our garden to it’s full potential and fill it up with veggies to help feed our family.  With four growing boys, we’ll need lots of food and they will be good helpers I’m sure!

We also have a fence line full of grape vines…


These have also done really well in our climate.  Our biggest problem every year is that we get tons and tons of those yellow and black moths that destroy the plants before we can get nice juicy grapes.


Barrett was helping daddy clear out some grass that was growing underneath our grape vines.



British Tea Party!:

Since the setting of the story takes place in England and Beatrix Potter was British, we decided we’d have a British Tea Party!  We have homeschooling friends who recently started using the Five in a Row curriculum and so we rowed this story at the same time as they did and had a joint tea party at the end.


We had lemonade and orange juice for tea, complete with little rabbit-shaped marshmallows as sugar cubes!


We also served mini sandwiches, strawberries, and veggie flowers.





Of course we discussed proper pinkie etiquette…



Then Miss Becky had a wonderful presentation and treat for the kids!  She brought the ingredients to make “dirt cups”.

Each kid got their own cup of pudding.



Then they were given seeds (M&M’s) to plant in their dirt cup.


Then they sprinkled mulch (crushed Oreo’s) over the top to keep the soil moist.


They each got a gummy worm to help make their soil healthy.


Finally Becky swiftly deposited a carrot into their cups and they were able to pull it out of the ground!


It was so cute and they had so much fun!

And because that wasn’t nearly enough sugar, we had rabbit cookies to finish the meal off!



Great times making memories with friends!

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