Owl Moon


Late one winter night a little girl and her father go owling.  The trees stand still as statues and the world is silent as a dream.  Whoo-whoo-whoo, the father calls to the mysterious nighttime bird.

 The boys have loved this story ever since I first purchased this book a few years ago.  Especially Logan.  I’ve never been sure quite what it is about the story that he finds so captivating, since I’ve always thought it was just a nice little story- certainly not one of my all-time favorites.  It did turn out to be one of my favorite stories to row, so far, though.

We actually didn’t do very many activities, since we studied this book during the month of February when I was due to have a baby, but the few activities we did were really fun!

Science:  The Moon

We learned more about the moon (we studied the phases briefly back when we rowed Harold and the Purple Crayon) by reading The Moon Book, by Gail Gibbons.




Moon Calendars:

I had an idea a while back about observing and recording the phases of the moon by creating a moon calendar.  I made up these simple little calendar templates on black paper…



Since there are 28 days in February, I thought it would be the perfect month to record the phases of the moon.  The first day of the month was on a Saturday, so that’s where we started.



I have to say that the boys absolutely loved this project!  Every day they were excited to go check the moon and draw what they saw.





I was worried they would get bored of the whole thing or that we would forget to check the moon each night, but that wasn’t the problem we ran into.  The problem (which was a great learning experience…even for me!) was that the moon is on a 25-hour schedule, so it comes into our view at different times each day.  So even though we saw it before bedtime for the first few weeks, it eventually was only visible in the early morning hours and then finally during daytime hours.  Plus there were a few cloudy nights when we just couldn’t see it.



But we just recorded what we saw, whenever we saw it.



It was so neat to actually watch the progress as they drew their moons each day/night!



Towards the end of the month is when the calendar really took a nosedive!  The moon was only visible in the early morning hours or during daytime hours when it’s hard to see.

Even now, though, the boys always notice the moon when it’s out and they are constantly running outside to see if it’s there and how big or small it is.  They chew their crackers and cucumbers into moon shapes and announce whether it’s a full moon or a crescent moon!

Food and Science:  Moon Oreos!


On the last day of the month, we celebrated by having some moon Oreos for dessert!  We went over the phases again for good measure, taunting the boys while they salivated and waited.




Then we finally all got to eat some Oreos with milk.   🙂








Art: Drawing Owls

I found a picture of an owl in our Draw-Write-Now book series, so I asked Conner and Logan to get to work drawing an owl.





Logan loves to draw!  He will often bring out these books and draw pictures just for fun.  So he was happy to oblige…






Conner wasn’t nearly as eager…








Social Studies: Geography

And of course, we placed our Story disk on our map.  The book never specified a location, but based on the fact that there was snow on the ground and they were surrounded by forests, it’s a good guess that they were in the Northern part of the country.  I told Logan to pick a place up North on the map.



Looks good to me!  🙂

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