The Volcano

The other day we were reading a book that had a page or two about volcanoes, which really seemed to spark Conner and Logan’s interest.  So, being the lazy homeschooler that I am, I pulled up a YouTube video on volcanoes with Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Later that afternoon I was on the phone with Raphael, mentioning our volcano morning to him, when he asked if we’d made a volcano yet.  I replied with something along the lines of, “Good idea, I’m sure the boys would love for you to do that with them!”   😉   See how that works?!  Being a homeschool teacher is really all about delegating your responsibilities off to other people.

And wouldn’t you know, the very next afternoon at 5:00 (when it was still scorching hot outside), I found all of my men crowded around a little hill in our backyard sandbox.





Raphael used red food coloring mixed in with the vinegar to create the “lava” look.





We decided our first volcano was a bit underwhelming, so we tried it again with more vinegar and more baking soda!







Yeah baby!  That’s much better!



Then it was time to clean up and head inside to cool off.  Fun times!

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