Mighty Mind Puzzles



I found out about this neat little puzzle game through the Sonlight catalog.  I am always on the lookout for hands-on activities (which require no batteries or outlets) that keep the boys entertained while also expanding their brains.  For the price, this game is definitely worth it!  Especially if you catch it on sale for half-price.  Every time they pull it out, they get a good thirty minutes worth of enjoyment out of it.





Sometimes they play with it while eating breakfast.







The biggest problem I have with this activity is trying to keep Barrett from destroying their work and throwing the pieces all over the kitchen.  He’s pretty much outgrown the putting-everything-in-his-mouth phase, but if he were younger, I’d worry about that too.  Otherwise, I have no complaints!  You can also buy add-on or extension pieces, and it comes in a magnetic format too, but we’ve been happy just owning the original.

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