2012-2013 Curriculum

Five in a Row:  This is our main curriculum…I use it to instill in them a love for reading and learning and it presents lessons in a unit-study format, which is perfect for young children (and a mother) with a short attention span.  We “row” approximately two books per month.

All About Reading/ All About Spelling:  I am teaching both Conner and Logan how to read (and spell) using this interactive, hands-on program.  It is very engaging and they love it!  We use it at a much slower pace than they suggest, however…at least in the beginning.  Not exactly a cheap program, but worth every penny.

Math on the Level:  Right now I use this program mostly as a guide to see the “order of events” for learning math concepts.  Eventually we will start incorporating the five-daily suggested math problems.

Handwriting Without Tears:  A good, solid program for teaching handwriting skills.

I get ideas for read-alouds and reference books from the Sonlight catalog, plus I have lots of manipulatives and games to help the learning process.  Raphael speaks fluent Spanish and I have a pretty decent understanding of the language, so we are trying to incorporate that into daily life (although we aren’t doing a very good job at it, thus far).  We also try to incorporate character lessons into our studies whenever appropriate.  I have a binder full of character lesson sheets from Character First.

Conner and Logan both take swimming lessons year-round.  They’ve been going once per week for the past year and a half.  I’m not sure how long each child will continue their swim lessons.  My goal is for them each to be safe and comfortable in the water and after that they can choose to move forward with swimming programs if they really enjoy it.

That’s about it!

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