Rhyming Puzzles


Sometime last year, Raphael was at his work’s quarterly book fair and he found a three-pack set of learning puzzles.  The one pictured above is the rhyming box, and we pull it out every few months or so for the boys to practice with.

First, we dump out all the puzzle pieces and separate them into two piles…one pile is for the left side of the puzzle set and the other pile is for the right side of the puzzle set.


Then they take each pile and lay out the pieces so they are easier to see.  One pile gets laid out on one side of the table and the other pile on the other side.



Then Conner and Logan each take turns picking a puzzle piece from one section and finding the match in the other section.


Until finally, we have all matching sets like this one…


It’s a simple little game, but I like it because they are learning even when they think they are just playing a game!

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