One of the resources that we’ve been using this year is a neat little math learning game called Inchimals.  The idea is to practice counting, adding, subtracting, and measuring skills by using these animal blocks that come in different sizes.  There are 12 different blocks, ranging incrementally in size from 1 inch up to 12 inches long.  Each block features a different animal and is somewhat representative of the animal’s size in nature.


There is a laminated activity book that comes with the blocks, which is to be written in with dry-erase markers.  Each section in the book increases in difficulty.

As you can see below, Conner chose a lesson where he had to add up three different blocks.  He started out by finding the blocks with the correct animals on them and setting them aside for reference.


Then he wrote in the value of each animal below it’s picture.


And lined them up to add up the different lengths.


He wrote his answer in the top box (It could have gone in either box, really, but Mr. Independent wanted to spice things up and put it up top.) and then double-checked his work by lining his three blocks up next to the answer block (the animal with a “6” on it) to see that they matched!

The boys will pull this game out about once per month and take turns working some of the pages.  Logan is still picking up these concepts, so he goes through the book with a bit more help from me, while Conner can pretty much do the pages on his own now.

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