Make Way for Ducklings


Continuing on with our duck theme for the month, we moved on to another classic…Make Way For Ducklings.

Since we rowed this story the week immediately following Easter, I came up with the idea to “hatch” our ducklings from Easter eggs.  I created a nest, where Mrs. Mallard might have chosen to lay her eggs.  I found some little duckling templates on-line and printed them on simple yellow construction paper.  I then cut them out and wrote the name of each duckling on the bottom.  I also made a bigger version to represent Mr. and Mrs. Mallard.


The next morning after reading the story, we sat on the floor of the kitchen (not sure why, that’s just where we ended up) and the boys opened each of the eggs to see which duckling would hatch out of it.


Then we lined them up according to birth order.


Lo and behold, they just happened to be born in alphabetical order!  😉

So I pulled out the letter tile board that we use for our reading/spelling program, and placed the ducks in a random fashion all over the board.  Then the boys took turns selecting a duck and lining them back up in alphabetical order.


I explained to them that in order for words to rhyme, the have the same ending sound.  In the past, they always described “rhyming” words as those that began with the same letter.


I lined up the letters “a” “c” “k” and explained to them that all of the ducks names rhymed because they ended with the letters a-c-k which made the sound “ack”.  Then I asked them to add a tile to the beginning of my “ack” to spell each duck by name.  We got to “Lack” before Conner proclaimed that he thought our activity was boring and wanted to know when lunch was.   :/

So Logan, Barrett and I moved on to play a game of Lucky Ducks.  It is a simple game for preschool-aged children where you take turns selecting ducks from the spinning wheel and try to get three of your designated shape.  My mom brought it to us one day last year when we were all stuck at home sick and were suffering from cabin fever.


It’s a charmingly obnoxious game that requires tons of batteries, but in this instance it tied in perfectly with our unit study!  It dawned on me while playing that I should have just put eight of these little ducks inside of the eggs instead of printing up my own…oh well.

Logan got sidetracked and I found him playing with the little duckies and pretending the stuffed duck was the mommy who was waiting for her little duckies to hatch.  =)



(Sorry my pictures are so dark and blurry…we’re saving up for a new camera!)

We didn’t plan on checking out the ducks, but when we met Nana and Aunt Gigi at the park one morning, we spent a few minutes watching them.

IMG_20130403_095125 IMG_20130403_095914

Unfortunately as we were leaving, we also discovered a dead duck on the side of the lake, which spurred more conversation than the live ones.  :/

We opened up our Draw-Write-Now book and did the lesson on ducks.


I was impressed with Conner’s determination this time.  He started to give up after drawing half of the duck, but I convinced him to keep going and not worry about the finished product.  I told him anything he came up with would be special and awesome.


So he seemed to get into it and even drew what he called “a Conner sun”…


Rather creative, I thought!


Logan worked happily and diligently, as usual.  🙂

Getting them to draw the picture is easy…it’s the penmanship practice at the bottom which is a real struggle!

Overall, this was a quick and simple unit study.  I was actually hoping to surprise them at the end, though, and get some baby ducks from the feed store, but they were sold out everywhere (Apparently there is a mad rush during Easter weekend to buy up baby ducks!) and none of the stores were planning to order more any time soon.  I figured we’d bring 8 ducklings home and name them after the baby ducks in this story, but I guess it isn’t meant to be.  Oh well!  I have been amusing myself wondering what kinds of families are buying up ducks over Easter weekend…and what do they do with them once they get big and start pooping all over the backyard?!  😉

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